Included with every installation

  • Free consultation to discuss options and costs
  • Free professional installation
  • Low cost installation and removal in subsequent years

Completely customizable lighting options

Socket and light string colour 

  • Available in black, brown, forest green and white
  • Perfect for roof lines because the cord used is not twisted like store bought lighting
  • The flat cable allows for installation of lights very uniformly along gutters and roof peaks
  • The light string is cut-to-size to fit gutters and rooflines perfectly
  • The light strings are capped with plugs as shown below
  • UL outdoor rated
  • UV resistant to prevent fading



We offer commercial grade clips made of plastic that is UV stable and designed to last more than one winter season. The clips are available in black and white colours. The clips fit gutters and clip onto roof shingles for lighting roof peaks.

  • Clips do not damage gutters
  • Clips attach to wire snugly and hold lights very firmly and uniformly
  • Clips are designed for perminant installation meaning that they will last for muliple holiday seasons, unlike store bought disposable clips



  • 5 LED’s per bulb for incredible brightness and colour intensity
  • Available in warm-white, bright-white, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, teal, purple and fuchsia
  • Each bulb uses 92% less energy than similar incandescent bulbs (0.45W/bulb)
  • High-density plastic lenses resist breakage and fading
  • Bulb lens will not yellow from UV light like consumer grade lights
  • UL and CSA approved



Plugs and sockets

  • Plugs and sockets can customize light string to any length
  • Each length of light string is cut to match your exact gutter length
  • UL and CSA approved for safety
  • Plugs are colour matched to wire colour